Dragonborne Review – An EPIC New Game Boy RPG!

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Welcome to my review of by far the most ambitions home-brew game i’ve reviewed so far! This is the epic new RPG for the original Game Boy, Dragonborne! Made by Spacebot-Interactive.

If you love classic JRPG’s like Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy, mixed with the dungeons of a Zelda game, then you’re sure to get a kick out of this! I’m going to start with an unboxing so you can see the amazing detail that went into this physical release, then we’re going to take a look at the game it’s self and find out what makes this game so special!

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Let’s begin Let’s begin by taking a quick look at the packaging before i get into the game it’s self. As you can see an amazing job has been done to recreate the nostalgic feeling of the gameboy packaging, including an amazing piece of artwork on the box, and a nice full colour instruction manual. I especially like all the extra detail that’s been put into the cartridge. They even made sure it’s the exact shade of grey as the original gameboy!

So, what is a brand new RPG for the Gameboy like? Let’s find out!

Straight away after this opening sequence it was apparent that this game was so much more in depth than the other GB studio games i’ve played so far.

I explored around for a bit and found some caves and a dragon to fight, then I stumbled upon the first town and fought some enemies and brought peace back to the town. Did a but of general PRG stuff like shopping and talking to everyone in town before continuing on to explore the rest oft he land.

With every new area I uncovered I was getting more and more impressed by the scope of the game! The game has a great sense of scale and I can tell just how much love and passion must have gone into crafting the world and making everything flow together!

It’s definitely not an easy game though, there were many times where I got stuck trying to solve a puzzle or not being able to find a certain place I needed to go to proceed. I even messaged the game’s developer several times to ask for help! Each time I did so though I ended up figuring it out for myself anyway. So my advice to anyone looking to play is to take it slow, be patient and take notes and you’ll find your way no problem!

The battle system is a typical turn based RPG style system. There’s a few special abilities you can acquire throughout the game such as magic spells and special weapons which do a lot more damage than a regular attack, but are also limited in uses.

Without spoiling anything, the story is very well told as well, with lots of NPC’s that you meet thought the adventure, as well as many letters you can find that have been left by your father, the narrative slowly unravels until you eventually manage to track him down and face the final dragon!

As you’ve been doing throughout this video, the game has some great sprite work and backgrounds. The enemy encounter screens look great too with nice full screen portraits of the characters. The dragons are all fantastic screen filling sprites which really give off an air of power and foreboding.

The amount of time, effort and passion that went into this game is amazing and I can’t wait to see what the Spacebots team work on next!

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and thats it for this episode, i’ll see you next week for the next one! Goodbye!

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