5 Games That Need A Trials Of Mana Style Remake!

Recently I’ve been playing a lot of Trials of Mana, I thought it was fantastic and I actually just completed it along with the extra post credits dungeon!

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Of course, Trials of Mana is a remake of a game that came out way back in 1995 called Seiken Densetsu 3. Last year it got a translation and an English release for the first time. Before then there was no official way to play the game at all, and people like me had to resort to downloading a fan translation online… I’m still amazed the game got translated at all, let a lone a full remake for modern consoles.

So it got me thinking, which other games would I love to see get the same treatment? I’ve picked out 5 games that have never been remade or re released in anyway and I think deserve a second chance…

Gaming Historian’s Soleil Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kCgIZIasYnE

Illusion Of Time Remake:

Emulators Vs Original Hardware video: https://youtu.be/r_KqSqeS0lA

1. Let’s start by taking a look at another game that has been stuck in Japan for far too long. That game is The Frog For Whom The Bell Tolls, or Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru.

2. Illusion of Time.
There’s a fan remake online that was made last year – show video. I would love to see all the different locations in 3D. IOT has some of the best locations of any game.

3. Soleil (Crusader of Centy).
I played this game back in Uni and loved it, it’s basically Sega’s answer to Zelda, at the time when I got it it was only £9, but since then the prices have gone through the roof and now a boxed copy can be several hundred, and if you’re in camera, it even goes into the 1000’s!

4. Golvellius.
Another one of SEGA’s answers to Zelda, this one takes a more unique approach though with some really fun dungeon designs which play out as side scrolling platformers or vertical shooters, it’s definitely starting to show it’s age though so a remake would really help in the gameplay and story departments!

5. Terranigma.
Saving the best till last, Terranigma is definitely the most famous of the games on this list, and in my opinion, the one most deserving of a full 3D remake. It came out around the same time as Trials of Mana and both are epic action RPG’s with deep stories, great battle systems and interesting dungeons. To be able to experience the game again in 3D with some modern polish added would be an incredible experience. It’s another game that’s become prohibitively expensive in recent years, going for several hundred pounds at least. I got mine for £180 a few years ago! Unfortunately, like Illusion of time, I don’t know who has the rights to the game any more now that Quintet have folded…

So there was 5 of my picks for games that need a Rame! Let me know what games you’d like to see be remade in the comments below!

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