Arcade Exclusives – IREM (ft. Mega Dru)

Welcome to another episode of Arcade Exclusives, looking at some of Irem’s arcade-only releases. This time I’m joined by Mega Dru!

Check out Mega Dru here:

Find the rest of the Arcade Exclusives series here:

Video sources:

Moon Patrol – Twin Galaxies Archive
Kung Fu master – Al82: Retrogaming & Computing
R-Type, Vigilante – World of Longplays (played by T-0815)
Dragon Breed – World of Longplays (played by Eino)
Undercover Cops – arronmunroe
Image Fight, In The Hunt, Cosmic Cop, Air Duel, Ninja Baseball Bat Man, Dream Soccer 94 – World of Longplays (played by SCHLAUCHI)
The Battle Road, Red Alert – Old Classic Retro Gaming
Superior Soldiers – Retro Hawk

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