OSG takes on GamesMaster Challenges Episode 1 (SMB3 & Mad Dog Mccree)

Hey whatsup guys OSG back with a brand new series and this is going to be where I take on the Gamesmaster Player Challenges. Gamesmaster was a TV program that we had over here in the UK in the 90’s and up until this point we had only seen games in magazines or boxart. It was hosted by Dominik Diamond but the true star of the show was Sir Patrick Moore as the awesome Gamesmaster.
Anyway each show had a number of player challenges where members of the public took part in a challenge set by the Gamesmaster. If they completed the challenge they were presented with the much coveted Gold Joysick …. That’s what I’m going to reenact, there were 2 challenges in the first episode one on Nes Super Mario Bros 3 and one on the Arcade game Mad Dog Mccree.
So here it is Gamesmaster season 1 episode 1 player challenges played by me OSG

Please let me know if you like this new idea in the comments below and ill carry on with it. Also please like and subscribe to my channel if you like my stuff

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