[AMSTRAD CPC] “Request Night Live!” #13 – AMSTREAM – Amstrad Game Requests! [Xyphoe Live Stream]

Live Stream ▶ [AMSTRAD CPC] “Request Night Live!” #13 – AMSTREAM – Amstrad Game Requests! [Xyphoe Live Stream]
Friday 20th March 21:00 (GMT)
#amstream #amstrad #amstradcpc

Game footage starts at – 44:10
Games featured – Operation Wolf, Strider II, Harrier Attack, Cybernoid II, Bubble Ghost, Fighting Warrior, Tapper, Out Board, Karnov, Dan Dare III, Strangeloop, Tiger Road, Thanatos, Gauntlet III, 180, Bruce Lee, Road Runner, Frost Byte, Stunt Car Racer, Exolon

Allright guys! Tonight on the Amstream…. it’s a 🕹 REQUEST NIGHT LIVE! 🕹

So when we go live, come in the chat and request Amstrad CPC games for me to play! Simple as that!

And we’re also making it a ‘Coronavirus talk free zone’ tonight too, the Amstream is a place to relax away from problems of the real world, and I think we all need a break from it and to chill with cool retro Amstrad games and like minded people!

I’m also aware this is fairly soon after the last request night live, but you guys really love and enjoy these especially being more a part of the stream – and more than ever we need cheering up! So here it is!

In terms of requests, preference will be given to games we haven’t featured recently, those that are interesting and/or from people who’ve not had chance to request before (or much). I’ll specify when on stream I’ll be taking requests from the chat at certain points! One request per person 🙂

Sure to be chaotic fun as always!

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♪ Music! ♪
Any synthwave music you hear in the stream is done by one of our very own… (you’ll have seen him in live streams before!) the excellent “24:7” from his awesome “Zero Hour” and “NAEON” albums. More info and to buy tracks here – https://247retro.bandcamp.com/

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