Cavern Fighter – Colecovision – 1st March 2020 Update

After a little bit of early beta testing, I had a few bugs to fix and I decided I would have another go at trying to get Cavern Fighter to run on a standard Colecovision without needing the Super Game Module (SGM) or an Adam with their 32k of Ram. I had to rewrite quite a bit of the games scrolling engine and object engine but I have managed to get the game to run stability in the standard Coleco’s 1k of Ram! This is of course great as it widens the audience that will be able to enjoy the game.
I have sent it off for some more testing and have a couple more bugs to sort (including improving the sound effects), but it is very close to being done. Another update very soon.
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The game will be released in physical form with a box and a manual by CollectorVision.

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