Bad Dragonball Z & Star Wars campaigns, “Stolen” cars & more Atari VCS news | #KickScammerNews Jan20

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KICKSCAMMER NEWS IS BACK ONCE AGAIN! for the month of January 2020.

Normally this time of the year is pretty is pretty slow However, I have dug deep and found some pretty scammy stuff that has gone on behind the scenes on places such as Indiegogo, GoFundMe and of course KickStarter too.

Check out the campaigns here…
βŒ› 1st:

βŒ› 5th:

βŒ› 7th:

βŒ› 9th:

βŒ› 11th:

βŒ› 12th:

βŒ› 13th:

βŒ› 14th:

βŒ› 15th:

βŒ› 16th:

βŒ› 18th:

βŒ› 21st:

βŒ› 23rd:

βŒ› 25th:

βŒ› 26th:

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Battle Axe:
Jim Power:

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