[AMSTRAD CPC] DOMARK AMSTREAM SPECIAL! Domark’s Amstrad CPC Games! [Xyphoe Live Stream]

Live Stream ▶ [AMSTRAD CPC] DOMARK AMSTREAM SPECIAL! Domark’s Amstrad CPC Games! [Xyphoe Live Stream]
Friday 24th January 21:00 (GMT)
#amstream #amstrad #amstradcpc

Game Footage starts at – 36:16
Games featured – Vindicators, Star Wars, Hard Drvin’, Badlands, Dragon Spirit, The Empire Strikes Back, Klax, Escape From The Planet Of The Robot Monsters, Prince Of Persia, Toobin’, Return Of The Jedi, Xybots, APB, Bob’s Full House!

Allright guys! Tonight on the Amstream…. it’s a DOMARK SPECIAL!

Yes! We will be playing through the Amstrad CPC releases from Domark, a famous publisher of software in the 80’s and 90’s – they technically still live today but as Square Enix Europe!

They were also, shall we say, not renowned for their quality of games! There was a lot of arcade, film and even TV licenses they pumped out – but were they all as awful as is commonly believed? Let’s find out! There’s over 30 games not counting TV quiz show and various reissues of Trivial Pursuits! Regardless… it’s going to be fun!! Even if Pit-bloody-Fighter is being (briefly) featured again!!

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