[AMSTRAD CPC] Rastan – Longplay & Review (Bug Fixed Version!)

Longplay and review for “Rastan” (aka “Rastan Saga”) on the Amstrad CPC! (Amstrad longplay starts at 5:27)

Rastan was a very popular Conan inspired scrolling hack ‘n’ slash arcade coin-op, and was always going to be destined to be converted to a lot of the home computers of the day. However, sadly something went very wrong with the Amstrad version. Only many years later are we able to play a ‘fixed’ version of the game and actually complete it! So what went wrong? Well I’ve been chatting to the actual coder of the game – Brian Beuken – so let’s find out!!

This video has been a huge amount of work, I hope you enjoy it!

(c) Taito 1987 / Imagine & Ocean Software 1988

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