Japanese Mega Drive Retro Gaming Pick Ups Episode 10

Japanese Mega Drive Retro Gaming Pick Ups Episode10

Join me on my journey for a complete set of Japanese Mega Drive games.

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Gamer through and through and have been all my life. Modern, retro, VR doesn’t matter, if I can plug a controller into it I’ll play it. I started this channel to share my passion for gaming with like-minded people and to be apart of the Youtube gaming community. I’m always up for a social event and you can usually find me stood at the bar chatting away and having a laugh. I should point out if you are tunning in to see expert gameplay this probably isn’t the channel for you. I don’t wanna make excuses (but I will) I am partially sighted, so playing games does have its difficulties, but it has never put me off. The content on this channel will revolve around modern and retro gaming, pickups, live streams and anything nerdy or geeky. So hit that subscribe button if that sort of things sounds right for you.

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