Mystery Japanese Games Unboxing from Retrobit Game!

I was so excited to receive this parcel from – check out their website and use the code RETROBREAK10 for 10% off any order over US$ 60.00 (£47.00) when you sign up for a new free account on our website and check out using the discount coupon code. CODE: RETROBREAK10

The code is 1-time usage per customer and valid from today till 30-Nov 2019.

A few benefits to retrobitgame that might be relevant or useful.

No Language Barriers, order with ease: Unless you read/speak Japanese, have a Japanese address or ID ordering games from Japanese website or auctions like Yahoo is very difficult to impossible, as mosts sellers won’t send outside Japan (non-japanese address)

See the condition and know exactly what your buying first: As 90% of our goods are pre-owned, we photograph every single product so that you can see the condition of every item before you purchase, many websites just use generic box art or the same game picture for multiple copies in varying different condition.

Buying direct from Japan: Means better consistent pricing and a wide assortment of games: With our team and the primary office in Tokyo, we by directly in Japan, giving us direct hands-on access to a huge selection of quality Japan Retro Game products. Basing our global consolidation and distribution warehouse in Hong Kong means low cost for storage, more space and fast global shipping with an efficient infrastructure.

Avoid eBay/Amazon scalper and drop shipper prices: We do our best to buy games and consoles in varying grades of quality, to give flexible pricing options to casual retro gamers and hardcore retro collectors alike. Some are complete mint boxed some are just loose carts, the main thing is that we don’t buy from existing sellers and just jack up the price, we offer our products at a fair middle-market price based on the current valuation, rates, quality and condition of the goods we have sourced.

No need for proxies/Cut out the middlemen and reduce costs: Although you can use proxies in English to buy through they charge a commission fee/service fee, have a limitation on the storage period and charge if you go over the storage deadline, charge fees to combine your orders, charge a domestic fee to receive the goods to their local warehouse before charging you an international fee (double charges).

All games are fully tested, Japan gets extremely humid and hot in summer months and discs are especially susceptible to disc rot under those extreme temperatures, all our games and consoles are fully tested, fully working and inspected before they are sent out
We guarantee all our products for 30 days – have a problem with a product and we can exchange or replace it within 30 days (non-working goods)

180 Day buyer protection for customers who use Paypal to check out.

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