[AMSTRAD CPC] HALLOWEEN AMSCREAM! Amstrad Horror Games! + “Zombi” & “Dead By Dawn” Live Longplay!

Live Stream ▶ [AMSTRAD CPC] HALLOWEEN AMSCREAM! Amstrad Horror Games + “Zombi” & “Dead By Dawn” Live Longplay! [Xyphoe Live Stream]
Friday 1st November 21:00 (GMT)
#amstream #amstrad #amstradcpc

*** Game footage starts at 39:24 ***
*** Zombi longplay – 1:47:42 ***
*** Dead By Dawn longplay – 3:52:00 ***
*** Other games featured include Chiller, Ghouls N Ghosts, Roland On the Ropes and Cauldron! ***

Allright guys! And HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Tonight on the Amstream we’ll be celebrating Halloween with our usual AMSCREAM! This is where we take a look at horror and horror themed games on the Amstrad CPC!

We’re doing something special tonight with two of the games being live longplays! These are the classic “Zombi” and the homebrew release “Dead By Dawn” – both of which I’ve not covered in depth before!

So from Arachnophobia to Werewolves Of London, with Ghostbusters, Oh Mummy, Chiller, Nighthunter, Aliens, Ghouls ‘N Ghosts, Roland On The Ropes, Cauldron, Frank N Stein and many many more in-between, this is sure to be a spooktacular nights entertainment!

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