[AMSTREAM] AMSTRAD CPC Richard Aplin Night! “Fly Spy” Live Longplay! [Xyphoe Live Stream]

Live Stream ▶ [AMSTREAM] AMSTRAD CPC Richard Aplin Night! “Fly Spy” Live Longplay! [Xyphoe Live Stream]
Friday 26th July 21:30 (BST)
#amstream #amstrad #amstradcpc

Timings –
32:35 Fly Spy Longplay Part 1
1:00:56 Richard Aplin Interview
2:20:28 Fly Spy Longplay Part 2
4:08:46 Double Dragon I
4:46:16 Shinobi
5:05:16 Double Dragon II
5:39:11 ESWAT
5:50:17 Final Fight

Allright guys! Tonight on the Amstream we have something very special! Because tonight is…


Richard is a famous coder responsible for the excellent conversions of Shinobi and Double Dragon I/II, and his first game Fly Spy which is our main featured game tonight.

He will be joining us LIVE on the stream for a chat via Skype as our very special and honoured guest on the AMSTREAM!

Fly Spy which I’ve been working on all week, we’ll be doing it as a live longplay!
This is a long requested game from many people for a longplay, and as many of you know this week I’ve been working hard trying to map it and figure out its puzzles and craziness! Well, I’ve decided after much deliberation, to give it a go tonight and finally beat it once and for all! There isn’t a walkthrough guide, map or longplay video out there, and this kooky and well loved game deserves its time in the spotlight! From the bonkers mind of a young Richard Aplin, before he went on to brilliantly convert Shinobi and Double Dragon I & II (the good versions) to the Amstrad CPC!

After we will be playing through his other games (Shinobi, Double Dragon I & II and maybe ESWAT and Final Fight which uses his code!) – this is going to be awesome!

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