[AMSTRAD CPC] The Vindicator! – Longplay & Review (Live Stream Edit)

Longplay and review for “THE VINDICATOR” (aka “Green Beret II”) on the Amstrad CPC!

This is an edit done, as best I can including an additional intro and summary review at the end, of the live stream and live longplay of The Vindicator!

Although slightly forgotten now compared to Ocean’s big licensed games, this was a huge project and release at the time with three very different and distinct games in one! It’s a shame that the 1st level, a pseudo 3D action maze puzzle game, was so confusing to navigate and explore – because most people wouldn’t have experienced the excellent vertically scrolling shoot ’em up on level 2, and the decent run ‘n’ gun game on level 3!

I explain the reasons why I haven’t made this like a normal longplay video of mine in the intro, but I’m sure you’ll understand the reasons why once you start watching and hopefully this will be more of an enjoyable watch! All levels done from start to end without cheats and snapshots – only snapshot reloads were to resolve an accidental quit game on level 1, and to save time on level 2 repeating the unnecessary plane segment. Enjoy!

(c) Imagine / Ocean Software 1988

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