Sydney Hunter & The Caverns Of Death NES – 27th June 2019 Update

Another quick update on some more progress on Sydney Hunter and the Caverns of Death for the Nintendo Entertainment System.
I have completed the entry of all of the screen designs and each of the 10 level layouts.
I added a password entry screen that allows you to enter the codes you get at the start of a new level to jump to that level. Great for those that want to complete the game more easily and essential for me to not go crazy testing the game 🙂
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Next I need to:
– enter the rest of the enemy and object placement data.
– complete the puzzle logic for each level
– create options screen
– redo some of the sprite shapes with some updates from J.F.
– bugs from testing – the game has been sent off to a few people for alpha testing.

I’ll see if I can record the next update video on real hardware as the emulator I used to record this does not seem to play the samples (used for the drums in the music) properly.

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