Top 10 Video Game Controllers of All-Time (First-Party) – G to The Next Level – Level 10

What are some of my favorite first-party controllers ever? Level 10 makes its return with this burning topic, so join me as we countdown what are my favorite first party controllers! Maybe some of your favorites made the list, and also includes messages and tweets from some of you!

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“10 Favorite First-Party Controllers of All-Time – Level 10 – G to The Next Level Top 10- Level 10: Episode 3 – G to The Next Level”

Music used:
“Main Theme” – Rolling Thunder 2 (Sega Genesis) – Ayako Saso
“Chicago” – Joe Bagale / Otis McDonald
“Not For Nothing” – Otis McDonald
“Main Theme” – Demolition Man (Sega Genesis) – Nathan Grigg
“Bad Moon” – Rolling Thunder 3 (Sega Genesis) – Rose & Dick Boy (…what?)

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