Why Play Expo Manchester Was The Best Retro Gaming Event EVER! – RetroBreak Vlog

Play Expo Manchester 2019 was honestly the best event I’ve ever been to! (And I’ve been to a lot) I really hope that it comes across in the video, I had over three hours of footage to cut down!

Like I said in the intro, please subscribe as next week I’ll be showing my Pickups from the event! There’s some really great stuff that I found, I’m very excited to give them all a go and show you guys!

If you were at the event, I hope you had a great time!

See below for links!

Out Run Remix – Splash Wave Remix Synthwave – “By Plasma3Music”

Top Gear Remix (Snes) – Track 1 Synthwave / Retrowave Remix – “By Plasma3Music”

Sonic Labyrinth zone – “By Plasma3Music”

Sonic Bridge Zone Remix – “By Plasma3Music”

Youtubers Panel:

Games You Loved Play Expo Vlog

Apologies if the audio was bad in places, it was very loud inside! (and yes I know I spelled Ap(p)ologies wrong near the end) 😉 too late to re-export now!


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