[AMSTRAD CPC] Zub – Longplay & Review

Longplay / walkthrough and review for “ZUB” on the Amstrad CPC!

Zub is a classic and a budget game too! From the brilliant minds of the Pickford Bros’ they hoped this would launch a new character and series of games featuring Zub – sadly it wasn’t to be, however the game is excellent and plenty of interesting stories behind the game to tell in this video!

Oh yes – one thing I need to add here, is that in my commentary I mentioned I would talk about ‘crashes’ and ‘snapshot reloads’ but then errr completely failed to! Well, the game does randomly crash. Usually on the higher difficulty level when you’re near the top of the playing area and there’s lots of enemies around you. It happened to me on this playthrough, around about planet 9 – thankfully I’d taken a save state before each planet, so I did a reload for planet 9. It happened once again on the way back to planet 1. Other than that, if it wasn’t for the crashes I would have easily got through this to the end.

(c) Mastertronic 1987

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