Sonic Pocket Adventure: The Best Sonic Game No One Played! (Neo Geo Pocket Color)

Sonic Pocket Adventure for the Neo Geo Pocket is one of the best Sonic games ever! With fantastic gameplay, music from the best stages of Sonic 3 and Knuclues, and levels remixed from Sonic 2! Infact, IGN gave it a perfect 10/10 back when it was released! Does it deserve this high praise? Watch to find out!


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Let’s Play Sonic Advance:

Some might mistakenly think that this game is a remake of Sonic 2, it is however an entirely unique game that just used the level themes from Sonic 2. They may look similar but they have all new designs, as well as a few levels from Sonic 3.

Neo Geo Pocket Color


– SNK had a good relationship with SEGA, even allowing their handheld to connect to the dreamcast for certain games.

Dreamcast Magazine stated that the game was going to have some kind of connectivity to Sonic Adventure 2 on the Dreamcast but this feature was unfortunatly cancelled. Imagine if it had the Chao garden like the GBA and Gamecube versions! – Perhaps that’s where the idea came from?

Neo South Island – Looks like Green Hill, plays like Emerald Hill, has bits os Palmtree Panic, and has music from Sonicj Jam and Act 2 has music from Angel Island from Sonic and Knuckles!

It’s a great introduction to the game with plenty of fast areas and loops to go through at high speeds!

As you can see, the game looks and plays great, I personally think it looks and plays better than any of Sega’s own 8-bit offerings. Just look at it compared to Sonic on the Game Gear.
The only issue I have is the scrolling could be smoother, and it doesn’t run at 60fps like the console (and even gamegear games!)
Similarities to Sonic Advance / Rush games
Nods to SPA in SA1
Kind of the precursor to Sonic Mania, taking the best bits of previous games and turning it into something new.

By far the best 8-bit sonic game, perfect physics make it a joy to play, especially on the original console.

Some other boss concepts like the tank with a hammer are also reused through the Advance series, not to mention that you’ll fight Knuckles and Robo Sonic during the game.

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