Retro New Colecovision Home Brew Games October 2018

I ordered a special edition home brew game from Collectorvision, the two game boxed sit of ports of The Castle and Castle Excellent over from MSX, but Toby from Collectorvision included some bonus items of some recent titles that I had missed out on (a trade of sorts, Toby is a mad original XBox collector and I have forwarded on some local Australian titles for his collection).

So lots of game plays of some really good Colecovision games as follows:
– Another Victory (Colecovision)

– Quatre (Colecovision)

– Flora and the Ghost Mirror (Colecovision)

– Tank Mission (Colecovision)

– The Castle (Colecovision with Super Game Module)

– Castle Excellent (Colecovision with Super Game Module)

You should still be able to get some of these titles from the Collectorvision’s web site:


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