Thank You iRetroGamer – From G to The Next Level

* Originally recorded on September 29th, 2018.

I wanted to make this video as a Thank You for the colossal amount of help, guidance, and inspiration that Tyler and his recently-defunct retro gaming YouTube Channel, iRetroGamer. I sit down and look back at all the wonderful things that Tyler not only did for myself but the YouTube retro gaming community as well. I understand it’s a bit long, but I hope you watch and enjoy as this came from the heart. The channel may be gone, but the memories remain. Good luck, Tyler. Hope to see you soon and thank you for everything.

Thank you all for watching and everything you’ve done for both of our journeys so far. Next video will be more back to normal but I needed to share my thoughts and memories on the situation.

Watch Media Glitch’s “What Happened to iRetroGamer?” video here:

Thank you for making your video to help out, Joel.

Music Used: “Stage 1: Moot” – Space Harrier – Hiroshi Kawaguchi

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