[AMSTRAD CPC] The Fifth Axis – Longplay & Review (aka Le 5eme Axe)

Longplay / walkthrough and review for “The 5th Axis” (aka “Le 5eme Axe”) on the Amstrad CPC!

This is a very old Amstrad game from France, and was very popular there – but it did get a UK release and definitely has it’s fans here too. Especially one person in particular who has been begging me to do this game for ages – so Aaron – this is for you buddy!! I got there at last!!

This is a scrolling ninja kick-em-up platformer with a time travel theme where we have to gather up various historical artefacts before the universe collapses in on itself!

(c) Loriciels 1985

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Background music featured – “Arrival” by “24:7” – https://247retro.bandcamp.com/

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