Boxception! #1 – Retro Game Pickups, PC Engine, Sega & More! – G to The Next Level

A mystery box showed up on my doorstep what could it be?? Join me in the debut episode of “Boxception!” as I open a treasure chest full of retro games, swag, and more to check out all the goodies inside!

Let me know what you all think of this video because if you like it and it does well, I’ll definitely do more. (And be sure to stay until the end for a surprise!)

NOTE: I have decided to relist this video from taking it down after certain people were falsely saying that I was ripping off another YouTuber with these videos. I apologize for the accidental name similarities (it was the title only), but by no means did I “rip them off.” It was a crazy coincidence and they are too good to leave unlisted. The series may come back at a later date with retooling, but for now, enjoy!

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Music used:
“Groovin’,” “Play’N It Cool,” “Cue Ball Boogie,” “Chillin’,” “Come on Over,” & “Wrappin’ Up” – Side Pocket (Genesis / Mega Drive) – Emi Shimizu

Boxception! (Ep 1) – Retro Game Pickups, PC Engine, Sega & More! – G to The Next Level (Episode 8)

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