supernatural step 31 and 32 GET READY!

Steps 31 and 32 combined: we add a couple of levels and fix a number of things that improve quality of life in the game. We also add a Get Ready! moment.

This video is part of a series of video game programming on the Commodore 64 in MOS 6502/6510 assembly. As a guide I am using Georg Rottensteiner’s code to the game called Supernatural, which was later made commercially available as Guns ‘n’ Ghosts. Georg created a tutorial series online in which he went through the code step-by-step.

With this video series I am trying to learn game programming while at the same time provide some entertainment for my viewers. I am hoping for this video series to become a record to accompany Georg’s tutorial series.

I am using Georg’s Integrated Development Environment (IDE) called C64Studio. If you want to code along, please visit my Github page where I provide access to the code as the project develops. Please find the necessary links below:

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