6 Benefits Of Emulation – A Waffle & VideoResponse To MaximumRD

Emulation – excellent topic discussed by Rob aka MaximumRD over here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQbQjASXU8k

I’ve touched on this topic in videos before. Should I do another video on it? Let’s wafffle. My history with emulation and how I came to appreciate it
How I view emulation as a form of ‘backwards compatibility’
Of course I prefer real hardware but that won’t always be around or available.

My benefits of emulating:
1. Compatibility & accessibility, lack of availability
2. Fascination with capturing the functionality of a Machine or OS in software making it compatible with a different platform.
3. Failing hardware & need for repairing skills which can be great
4. Ease of use
3. Preservation
4. Legality
5. Favourite emulators/platforms
6. Software emulation vs hardware emulation. Chameleon 64, FPGA, Mist

See how I bogged up numbering all the items making 6 out of 8 items? Thinking about it – probably will have to show off the MIST FPGA in another video as I already have shown the Turbo Chameleon 64

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