Psygnosis Guest Panel and Q&A [Play Expo – Manchester]

Psygnosis Guest Panel and Q&A

Filmed: Saturday 14th of October 2017 at 4pm – Play Expo Manchester.

Psygnosis was formed in 1985, was acquired by Sony Electronic Publishing in 1993 and became SCE Studio Liverpool. The studio closed in 2010 but during their lifetime Psygnosis created and published many iconic games – from 16-bit classics such as Lemmings and Shadow of the Beast through to the massive Wipeout franchise on the PS1 along with G-Police and Colony Wars.

A number of former employees join us for the panel, Mike Clarke, Martin Linklater and Mike Kaiser.

Mike Clarke said “PLAY Expo is always a great event and what better place to meet with old colleagues and talk about our experiences in the early years of the game industry. Psygnosis was a very dynamic place there are many stories to tell about what it was like to work there!”

The talk and Q&A is hosted by Dan Wood and Ravi Abbott from The Retro Hour podcast: (Cheers Guys!)

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