Retro Homebrew Games (Tank Battle, Warp Warp & Bosconian – Coleco) Pickup & Play 4th January 201

Some more home brew games for the Colecovision, this time by Opcode games. They are all MSX conversions and thus need the Super Game Module to function. I do already have the MSX versions of two of them, but was interested to see what they were like quality wise.

Rant Time (and I do talk about this in the video):
I do understand that these releases will give people access to games they would not normally have had, as MSX copies are not that common (as is having a MSX computer), but it is an extremely grey area taking an original game changing a minimal amount of code and republishing someone else work, especially without the permission of the author.

I think the talents and efforts of the home brew publisher in question could be better spent making original or fully coded conversions for the Colecovision and MSX.

The game plays in this video are:
– Tank Battalion (Colecovision)

– Warp Warp (Colecovision)

– Bosconian (Colecovision)

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