Adding a capacitive lever to a google cardboard 1 (on the cheap)

Yes with just a google cardboard 1 , lollipop stick , pringles can , and lots and lots of tape too can make sweet VR love to your phone..wait that didnt sound right.
Basically the new google cardboard gets around the fact that a lot of phones didnt work too well with its magnet slider by having a screen touching lever.
Anyway here’s how to do it yourself .Feel free to comment , share , buy me pringles ..its all good.
Warning !I cant see it damaging any phone screens but I cant take responsilbilty if you manage to.
Bonus Pimp My Google , how to make your cardboard 80 percent more comfortable , 100 percent more durable , and at least 67 per cent more gimp like.
By the way I just noticed there’s a terrible unfilled out credits section at the end of the video..damn you Movie Maker ..I knew there was a reason I normally dont use you!

Some retro gaming love up this week as well hopefully , and thanks to everyone who subbed recently!

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