[AMSTRAD CPC] Microprose Soccer – Review & Longplay

Microprose Soccer on the Amstrad CPC – longplay (world cup run) and review!

Sadly this version isn’t a patch on the C64 classic, but it’s still good fun….
Check out my previous video for my top 10 goals scored in this game!

This game came from Sensible Software and programmer Jon Hare, who of course went on to make the greatest 2D football game ever – Sensible Software! Along with other notable classic games like Cannon Fodder, Wizball, etc before finally being bought out by Codemasters in 1999. The Amstrad and Spectrum conversions a year later were handled by Smart Egg Software, who I can’t find out much about them except for a load of text adventures. They did an ‘ok’ job.

(c) Microprose / Sensible Software 1989


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