[AMSTRAD GX4000] Navy Seals – Intro plus Levels 1 & 2

Navy Seals – another brilliant GX4000/Plus game for the Amstrad. It is ROCK HARD though! It takes a lot of patience as you really have to learn the layout of the levels and where the bad guys and weapons are. eg level 2 is a lost cause if you don’t use that flame thrower like I do here…

So here’s the intro plus levels 1 and 2, it’s been a while since I’ve played it (eg I forgot about the bomb on level 1 and had to go back etc) and apologies for the audio going out of sync at some point.

I’ll get to work on the later levels at some point as I died on Level 3 anyway!

Ocean software

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gx4000.co.uk rating/score : 90%

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