Can Emulation Replace An Entire Gameroom? – Stream (Experimental)

Integrated chat
Using multiple scenes

YetiBlue USB Microphone
Logitech Webcam
WIndows 10 PC Streaming and capturing the images of a second emulation PC with the Avermedia Live Gamer Portable from within
Open Broadcaster Software

Emulation PC:
i5 Haswell 3.5Ghz 4 cores
12 Gb RAM
256 Gb SSD
4x 2TB HDD
950GTX GPU Nvidia
Logitech Rumblepad 2


4DO – for 3DO emulation
1964_11 – for N64 emulation
Atari800 – for Atari 8bit emulation
Kat5200 – fot Atari 5200 emulation
Demul – for Dreamcast and Naomi emulation
Dolphinx86 5.x – for Gamecube and Wii emulation
ePSXe – for PSX emulation
FS-UAE – for Amiga / CD32 emulation
FCeux – for Nintendo emulation
Fusion364 – for Sega emulation
Hatari – for Atari ST emulation
Mame 0.149 – for Arcade emulation
Mess 0.151 – for Multiple system emulation
Mupen64_0.51 – for N64 emulation
Mupen64+++ Beta – for N64 emulation
Nestopia – for Nintendo emulation
NullDC – for Dreamcast emulation
PCSX2 – for Playstation 2 emulation
PCSX – for Playstation emulation
Project 64 / Project 64 1.6 / Project 64 1.7 / Project 64 2.1 – for N64 emulation
PPSSPPBlue / PPSSPPGold – for Sony PSP emulation
Retroarch – for multiple system emulation
SainT – for Atari ST emulation
Snes9x-1.52/1.53/1.55 – for Snes emulation
Specteculator – for Spectrum emulation
VisualboyAdvance – Gameboy Advance emulation
WinVice – 3.1×64 – for Commodore 8bit emulation

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