GameHammer Live!

Today Zoë is playing same games on original hardware, live on air! The games she plays are chosen by the viewers, with a few of her personal picks thrown in for good measure. This week’s games are:

Dizzy – The Ultimate Cartoon Adventure (Amstrad CPC)
Spindizzy (Amstrad CPC)
Baloon Buster (Amstrad CPC)
Crazy Legs (Amstrad CPC)
Face Hugger’s Ultimate Megademo (Amstrad CPC)
Roland Goes Rescuing (Amstrad CPC)
Electro Freddy (Amstrad CPC)
Wetrix (Nintendo 64)
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 (PlayStation 2)
Black Widow (Atari arcade / PlayStation 2)
Major Havoc (Atari arcade / PlayStation 2)
3D Starstrike (Amstrad CPC)

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