RETROMANIA WRESTLING – The Story of 2021 Sequel to WWF Wrestlefest !! – Retro Gaming History

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Today the Top Hat Gaming Man looks at the brand new sequel to WWF Wrestlefest, which has been released thirty years after the original. Retromania Wrestling brings the old style of Wrestling gaming into 2021 with a brand new entry in the series by Retrosoft Studios.

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Thank you to the following people for providing additional voice work
Sorax Space –
RayareReviewing –
The Tsundoko Zone –

Gameplay Footage
Retromania Gameplay – VideoGames4U –
Retromania Gameplay – newLegacyinc –
Retromania Gamplay – AmitDabydeen ––XFGAw
WWF Superstars – AmitDabydeen –
WWF Superstars – Masked Scholar –
WWF Wrestlefest – World of Long Plays –
WWF Wrestlefest – World of Long Plays –
3 Count Bout – Nintendo Complete –
WWF Wrestlemania Arcade – KingCobra –

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