Teletextr Podcast 03 – February 2016 – Teletext Home and Away

Teletextr goes all Top Gear circa 1998 with a nostalgia-heavy teletext-head edition. Vroom! What was teletext like in Canada? Hosts Dan and Carl invite Bruno St Gelais into the studio to chat about why Telidon was the most engaging thing on national television. What was teletext like in the UK? Hosts Dan and Carl invite Russty Russ over to Teletextr HQ for tea ‘n’ biscuits. And to talk about Ceefax, the death of Oracle and how Teletext Ltd ruled the (pixellated) world.

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About The Author

Harry Yack I like looking for funny little things in games and making videos about them. Not a real yak, actually a Highland Cow.


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