OutRun 2 Hardest Route Completed in the Testarossa

Hey whatsup guys OSG here with a Monday night playthrough and this time it’s the more recent game outrun2. Originally released on arcade in 2003 this is the only official sequel to the arcade classic and it truly feels like outrun. The graphics are awesome and the music is updated but we still have the ear bendingly good splash wave and Magical sound shower to drown out the noise of that annoying girlfriend. Anyway this is the pc version that was released as part of Outrun Coast to Coast known as OutRun2 SP
This is the hardest route driving the Testarossa because although there are better cars such as the Ferrari Enzo there is only one car to drive when it comes to Outrun.
So sit back relax and watch Out Run 2 Hardest route completed in the Testerossa

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