Mark’s Virtualized Emulated Gameroom From A USB 3.0 Harddrive (Experimental)(4hr13min)

#Emulation #Demonstration #Gameroom

An experimental stream in which I just test out my RIG running games from USB 3.0 Harddrive that I would normally have access to in my gamesroom. As streaming from the Study is more convenient I am trying to see if bringing the gameroom with me in Virtualized form is possible for streaming.

Frontend used: Launchbox
Emulators used: 4DO, 1964, Cemu, Atari 800, Kat5200, Citra, Demul, Dolphin, ePSXe, Fceux, FS-UAE, Fusion, Hatari, Mame 0.149, Mednafen, Mess 0.151, Mess 0.163, Mupen, Nebula, Nemu, Nestopia, NullDC, NullDC_Naomi, PCSX2, RPCS3, PCSXr, Project64, PPSSPP, Redream, RetroArch, Saint, Snes9x, Spectaculator, UltraHLE, VisualBoyAdvance, WinVICE, Yuzu

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The music played is by Epidemic Sound – licensed music for YouTube and other platforms

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