Mark Plays…. Outrun 2 SP SDX (Arcade On PC)(Teknoparrot)

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Note: The uploaded source file to YouTube looks absolutely different from the pixellated blocky mess YouTube seems to make of the footage even at the 1080p60 setting. I also uploaded the file to my facebook page and although it runs at 30fps there it does look a whole lot better

Mark Plays…. Outrun 2 SP DX (Arcade)(Teknoparrot)

Playing the actual Outrun 2 SP DX arcade game on your own PC is possible with Teknoparrot. It's amazing how well yet how buggy it all is. 🙂

Posted by Lactobacillus' World on Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Playing the actual arcade game – the same game code – on a PC with help of Teknoparrot is quite a feat. It’s a more limited experience than the home ports but it shows how similar the home ports are to this actual arcade game in execution. On my PC it defaulted to 1080p and I am not sure what resolution the actual arcade machine ran the game at – but it upscales wonderfully to my 1080p screen in the gameroom.

Wow! This is closest to playing the actual Outrun 2 arcade game at home I will ever come.

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