[AMSTRAD CPC] 750cc Grand Prix – Longplay & Review (+ Interview with coder!)

Longplay and review for “750cc Grand Prix” on the Amstrad CPC!

The excellent Twin Turbo V8 from young coder Ken Murfitt was a massively successful Out Run clone released by Codemasters that stayed at the top of the charts for months! They soon asked Ken to make a follow up, 750cc Grand Prix, this time based Super Hang On!

Is it better than Twin Turbo V8? Or even the lacklustre official Super Hang On conversion? Let’s get in our racing leathers and find out!

Also, it’s not often I get chance to talk to and interview a coder of a game I’m featuring, so I’m very pleased here that Ken Murfitt was more than willing to talk to me and give me his and this game’s history! Hope you all find it interesting, I certainly did!

Amstream video featuring Twin Turbo V8 and Ken in the chat – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=chC5NN1tM18


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