Commodore 64 System 3 Games in Order Of Greatness

Hey whatsup guys OSG here with one of the greatest commodore 64 software houses ever. System 3 really knew how to knock out a great game and this list contains some of the best games that were ever released on the system.
Formed in 1982 by Mark Cale, they made some truly iconic ground breaking games for various 8 bit systems. Their games were polished and when you bought a system 3 game you just knew you were going to get a quality experience. System 3 is still around today and is the last surviving British Independent Publisher from early days.
Anyway they published 16 games in total ranging from ok to outstanding and here they are in order of greatness.
Games in this video:-
Death Star Interceptor @ 00:47
Suicide Strike @ 01:27
Dominator @ 02:07
Bangkok Knights @ 02:47
Vendetta @ 03:27
Juice! @ 04:07
Last Ninja Remix @ 04:47
Turbo Charge @ 05:26
Last Ninja 3 @ 06:07
Flimbo’s Quest @ 06:47
Tusker @ 07:27
MYTH: History in the Making @ 08:06
International Karate @ 08:47
The Last Ninja @ 09:27
IK+ @ 10:07
Last Ninja 2 @ 10:47

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