Commodore Amiga Cinemaware Games In Order Of Greatness

Hey whatsup guys OSG here with another Amiga software house and this time its Cinemaware
This video was a Patreon request a year and a half ago by Lucas Rainford, I started it but as i had not played all the games i never finished it as i do actually like to play the games before putting them into order.
Anyway Cinemaware made 13 games some as you will see weren’t the best but when they got it right it was spectacular
Games in this video :-
SDI @ 01:07
Sinbad and the throne of the Falcon @ 02:00
Bo Jacksons Baseball @ 02:51
The Three Stooges @ 03:42
The King of Chicago @ 04:32
Rocket Ranger @ 05:24
It Came from the Desert II @ 06:15
TV Sports Basketball @ 07:07
TV Sports Football @ 07:57
Lords of the Rising Sun @ 08:47
Defender of the Crown @ 09:39
It Came from the Desert @ 10:29
Wimgs @ 11:19

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