The 20 Best Commodore 64 Epyx Games In Order Of Greatness

Hey Whatsup Guys OSG here with another Commodore 64 software house video and this time its the awesome Epyx.
When you think of sports games on the C64 there is one software house that immediately springs to mind and that is Epyx….but they did do other genres too. There are a couple of games in here that I wouldn’t normally include as they are licenced games but they have name differences and slight code changes so they are in as they are what my American followers will know the games as.
Anyway Epyx released 60 games for the C64 so I’ve looked through them and this is what I would say are the 20 best Commodore 64 Epyx games in order of greatness

Games in this video :-
Impossible Mission 2 @ 00:43
G.I. Joe @ 01:20
Destroyer @ 01:50
Chip’s Challenge @ 02:25
Jumpman Junior @ 02:59
Gateway to Apshai @ 03:33
Death Sword @ 04:08
The Sword of Fargoal @ 04:43
Super Cycle @ 05:18
Temple of Apshai Trilogy @ 05:53
The Legend of Blacksilver @ 06:24
Pitstop II @ 07:01
Jumpman @ 07:38
World Games @ 08:15
Summer Games @ 08:45
California Games @ 09:22
Summer Games 2 @ 09:58
World Karate Championship @ 10:35
Impossible Mission @ 11:11
Winter Games @ 11:48

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