The 20 Best Commodore 64 Imagine Games In Order Of Greatness

Hey whatsup guys OSG here with another C64 software video and this time it’s Imagine. When I recently did my Ocean games video I had a lot of comments saying I missed games Green Beret and Yi ear Kung Fu….well I never missed them I just decided that it wasn’t right to include Imagine games in the list…and this was for a couple of reasons.
Imagine is one of the most iconic logos on the system and if I included those games some that deserved to get a mention maybe wouldn’t have.

The software house was formed in Liverpool in the early eighties and they predominantly made games for the ZX Spectrum and Vic 20. They stood out from other British software houses of the time with their polished high budget approach to advertising that wasn’t really present in other British software houses. Although this approach initially slingshotted them into 8bit limelight it was ultimately the cause of their demise and in 1983 it was reported that a 50k advertising bill had not been paid. The following year Imagine closed its doors due to these mounting debts and the name was bought by Ocean.
Under Ocean they went on to produce some great games for the C64 and that’s what we will be looking at today…. They released 79 games on the C64 and I’ve trimmed it down to what I would say are the best 20 of them all…although some still aren’t great to be honest
Games in this video :-
Army Moves @ 01:28
Rastan @ 02:00
Jackal (USA version) @ 02:37
The Vindicator! @ 03:11
B.C. Bill @ 03:35
Renegade @ 04:04
Dragon Ninja @ 04:39
World Series Baseball @ 05:13
Typhoon @ 05:47
Mikie @ 06:22
Ping Pong @ 06:49
Target Renegade @ 07:18
Yie Ar Kung Fu @ 07:53
Slap Fight @ 08:26
Green Beret @ 09:10
Terra Cresta @ 09:45
Arkanoid @ 10:18
Arkanoid: Revenge of Doh @ 10:53
Salamander @ 11:28
Hyper Sports @ 12:03

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