The 10 Best Amiga Psygnosis Games In Order Of Greatness

Hey guys OSG back with another order of greatness video. After covering the Bitmap Brothers Amiga games a request was made for me to give Psygnosis and team 17 the same treatement. As there are loads of games for those software houses I have whittled it down to a top ten in order of greatness…and remember this is my order maybe it wont be yours
So we are going to kick it off with psygnosis. Psygnosis was formed in Liverpool and has one of the most iconic logos of the 16 bit era. They really knocked out some quality games so getting this down to 10 was quite difficult….but after deliberation ive sorted what I would say are the 10 best psygnosis amiga games in order of greatness

Games in this video : –
Agony @ 00:43
Wiz N Liz @ 01:43
Leander @ 02:41
Armour-Geddon @ 03:39
Second Samurai @ 04:38
Shadow of the Beast III @ 05:35
Hired Guns @ 06:33
Perihelion : The Prophecy @ 07:32
Benefactor @ 08:30
Lemmings @ 09:29

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