Commodore 64 The Last V8 – Thank God For Hubbard

Hey guys OSG here with a Friday night quickie. This is the full play through of The Last V8 on the C64… I say quickie because if you blink you will miss this one as its one of the shortest games ever made on the Commodore 64. It’s also renowned as one of the hardest games ever made too…not for the difficulty of the game though but for the terrible controls…. I had to try over and over to complete this game and just as I was about to give up I did it…. There are a couple of ropey moments where it looks like I hit the walls on level 2 which is the last level…yeah that’s right a whole 2 levels…and not long ones either. Luckily the Sid Tune by Rob Hubbard carries this game as it’s so good.
So here it is The Last V8 in all its short but sweet glory

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