Commodore 64 Ghosts ‘N Goblins Playthrough

OSG back with another Playthrough and this time is the rock hard game known as Ghosts N Goblins on C64.
This game was mentioned a lot in my recent C64 Hardest Games video so I’ve decided to upload a playthough
My God I spent so much time getting absolutely nowhere on this game as a kid. It’s a lot harder than Rambo that I did last week as it has bigger and more levels… it does however share a trait with Rambo as it has a class Sid soundtrack too
Now though with a little bit of practice and the patients that comes with being older I have completed it…..and after doing so have to say the ending is a real let down for the effort that went into finishing this
So here it is Commodore 64 Ghosts N Goblins in all its eerie glory

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