The 20 Hardest Sega MegaDrive/Genesis Games Ever Made!!!

Hey whatup guys OSG back with another hardest games video and this time we are going to look at the Sega MegaDrive’s hardest games
This list is in order of what I think are the hardest so as with all my lists is completely subjective.
The MegaDrive had some great titles and a lot of them are on here…for a hardest game list this one is pretty unique as they are hard for the right reasons …not down to bugs etc. (baring Shadow of the beast which will be explained in the video)
Ok so here they are the 20 hardest MegaDrive games ever made in order of difficulty

Games in this video :-
The Revenge of Shinobi @ 00:43
Undead line @ 01:18
Streets of Rage 3 @ 01:53
Musha @ 02:27
Fatal Labyrinth @ 03:02
Robocop Vs Terminator @ 03:36
Eliminate Down @ 04:11
Shadow of the Beast @ 04:45
Kid Chameleon @ 05:20
Comix Zone @ 05:55
Target Earth @ 06:29
The Adventures of Batman and Robin @ 07:04
Alien Soldier @ 07:38
Chakan: The Forever Man @ 08:13
Ghouls N Ghosts @ 08:47
Wings Of Wor @ 09:22
Gaiares @ 09:57
The Immortal @ 10:31
Battletoads @ 11:06
Contra Hard Corps @ 11:40

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