The …Since Spacies Show – #9

Guess what? Don’t you know? It’s The …Since Spacies Show!

For almost two years straight now I’ve been inviting YouTubey types from around the world and answering strange/cool/weird/funny/interesting video gaming questions. Make sure you follow these blokes when you’re done here because they are worth following!

Remember. This is the show where YOU ASK THE QUESTIONS!!!!!

NOTE: Apologise for the audio but after two years of this occuring I only just figured out what is causing my mic to drop out like this and I have taken steps to avoid it happening in the future. Just an issue with the way I was plugging the mic through to this laptop which only has three USB ports.

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Lucas (Aussie Gamers Experience)
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Uncle Chunt:
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Cameron Hons
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Intro featuring Sorax Space. You’ll find him at:
Twitter: @SoraxSpace


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