SHOW & TELL: What Is Your Favourite Racing Game And Why? Here’s Mine

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An attempt to get people involved being more interactive by leaving comments or even doing video responses. There’s two things you can do here:

1) In this video I ask you what your favourite racing game is and invite you to tell us why and if possible show us why.
I love the Sega Blue Skies, I am quite particularly interested drawn to arcade racers. Japanese Drifting found here as well as in Namco’s Ridge Racer seem to work well for me. The graphics and the music in this game work well for me so yeah that’s some of the reasons why I love this game.

2) I demonstrate my abilities in OutRun2006 – SP 15 Track Continuous course and if you have the game I invite you to show me if you manage to finish the 15 Track Continuous mode.

The 15 track continuous mode is a little hiddden in the game. Go to Outrun2 SP and there’s two versions of the 15 Track Continuous mode – I select the regular one, not the time attack. I drive the Dino 246GTS.

Outrun2006 on PC seems to be the best and most smooth variant of the game. It is very versatile as it scales very well in 4:3 but also ultra wide resolutions. Here I am playing 1080p 16:9, but I can also upscale it to 4K or 3840x1080p – the latter wouldn’t make a very good video as it will have very huge black bars on top and bottom. The game runs a steady 60fps+ even on Celeron CPUs with built in graphics.

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