VR to Swifto – “10 More Gaming-ish Questions”

It’s that time again for me answering more questions someone did! This time from: https://bit.ly/2XvSIuJ
Original video: https://bit.ly/2XvSIuJ

The questions:

1. What game would you like to see get a remake or sequel?

2. Bestest badest boss you’ve beaten.

3. If you had to bring a historical person back to the present day and try and convince them of how great videogames were, who would you bring back and what game would you show/play with them?

4. If your home was on fire and you could only get inside to save either one of your family members or one of your games systems, which system would you save and what would be your excuse for letting your family burn to death?

5. you get a phone call from Zeus, the mightest of all the gods. He demands that he play you at a game of your choosing. Should you fail to beat him he will strike you down with a thunder bolt, but should you win then he would give you godlike powers. What game do you choose?

6. What question would you hesatate to answer?

7. What song best suits you?

8. Have I asked this question already?

9. What is your favourite font type?

10. Places in videogames you’d love to vist for real.

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