Revival: Gaming Legends 2019 (Chat – Pickups – Footage)

A huge thank you to Craig Turner & team!

Find Revival Retro Events here:

Here are links to everyone I chatted to on the day:

Scott (SEGA Zombie)
Scott (GloryHunter 82)
Paul (Big Daddy C)
Gruss Newton
Lee (You’ve Been Gamed)
Steve (AdiSneakerFreak)
Rich (Retro Rich)

Steve (Sinisteve Retro Gamer)
Eddie (Rollerxcore)
James (Jimmy Retro)
Hollie (HolsterTV)
Matt (matteusbeus)
Jay Birch (Argy’s Attic)
Stu (TootyUk)
Craig (CraigsHereAgain)
Alex (Nintendo Arcade)
Daz (Inside My Own Head)
Dave (RetroDave Nintendo)
Jay (sybersnake7)
Craig (Minks36)
Shaun (Faginrs500)
James & Colin (Let’s Talk Retro)
Wayne & Ben (The Rah Pah Gah Channel)
Chris Parsons (Vector Republic)

Neil (RetroManCave)
Dana (Danester83)
Ant Harper (Retro Games Collector)
Allan McCLuskey (Allan’s Japanese Retro Games sales)
Paul (MrBads_Games)
Mark (burntoutculture)
Mike (Without further ado Retro)
Pete (Old Skool Variety Face)
Daz (Retro Gamer Daz)
Chris (Cjm Retro)
Quang (Asobi tech/Pocket Pixel Designs)
Simon Lock
Nick (RetroBreak)

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